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Feb 17, 04
Dear Daisy
I like this boy and he always phones the house or my mobile we were going out with each other about a year ago only for a month though. he cheated on me then finished with me but he still likes me. he's had girlfriends since we finished and they've all told me that he always says how pretty and nice you are and last night he rang me and i asked what he wanted, he just said dont worry now then he text me saying would you go out with me if i asked you, but he wont ask i think he's scared to for some reason. then he said but i want to get with you, but i dont wana hurt you cos we are good friends and i dont wana wreck it but i really like you. i u u dont no how much i starting to care for you.
what do you think? what should i do? should i just go for it? just give me some advice please ASAP
                                          Boy Trouble


Dear Boy Trouble 

Your problem is very simple all you need to do is be totally honest with him.  Tell him that you like him a lot and you love being his friend and that you would love to date him.  BUT make an agreement that if he cheats on you this time there will not be a third chance at being more than friends.  But you need to stop and think, if it doesn't work out do you still want to be good friends?  And also explain how you feel about him cheating on you the first time!
Best of Luck,


Dec 2, 2002

Dear Daisy,

My family doesn't celebrate holidays together anymore.  I really miss spending time with all of my family.  Do you have any suggestions on how to get them back together?

Signed ~ Alone and lonely for the holidays

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